Searching for your Spanish Ancestors?

Together we will investigate your Spanish Ancestors!


Here I am. My name is Enrique Boix. Some may know me, some may not. You can call me a ‘genealogist’, a family history researcher. As you wish. I am an experienced journalist with a passion: genealogy. From my office in Valencia (Spain) I can discover the history of your family. Because every family has its history. Yours, too. Open your eyes wide. Because genealogy is not for kings, nobles and tycoons. No way. My job is to bring genealogy to all audiences, and all budgets.


Remnants of the lives of our ancestors are hidden in thousands of files, scattered among aged, yellowed documents, and I am the one who will look for them. I’ll research and discover those little pieces of data so that every hidden story will be brought back to life. Lost memories will go back to your family, where they will stay forever in the shape of a book, an album or a family tree… For all generations to come.


Can you think of a better legacy for your children, or grandchildren? The full story of their family. The names. Their longings, their dreams and their bitter experiences. That grandmother you never knew. The grandfather who founded the family business. That emigrant uncle who was never heard of again. Dozens of leaves will sprout in your family tree as my research develops.


Now it’s your chance to shed light on those family stories your parents used to tell you. Are those shady legends still shrouded in the mists of time? Take the next step. Open the door to a collection of memories that want out of oblivion.


What can I find for you? You’ll find plenty of examples in my blog: a whole collection of beautiful stories of our ancestors I have discovered in my research. Tender, sweet and sour stories. Always fulfilling and moving.


Behind every great landmark in History, every important date and feat, there is always someone of our family. An ancestor who left a mark alongside the big names in History.


I am a professional. I am creative and passionate about my work. I am a wordsmith, and an expert in file searching. And I want you to count on me: together we will investigate your family origins. Because I want you to enjoy our findings as much as I do.


You can contact me by email: If you prefer a personal appointment, call me at (+34) 647.53.31.74. My office: 10 Alegret St. Valencia (Spain).


So, where do we start? I’ve provided a variety of options so you can choose the one that best suits your interests.

:: Family tree

The classic choice. Also, the most visual option. I’ll research your Spanish Ancestors, generation after generation. Step by step, more ancestors will come out to meet us. It is a laborious task, because our ancestors change places, migrate from one region to another. Not everywhere files or documents are available.



:: Ancestor Research

You have always been curious about the fate of that one relative you knew almost nothing about. Did he die in a war? Did he vanish without a trace? What ever happened to him? I’ll help you follow his footsteps to find him, or his descendants. Or, do you want to pay tribute to your grandfather, the one who founded the family business? Do you want to find out about his origins and how he fought against all odds to become a man of fortune? Discover with me all the unknown details of your family life.



:: The origin of your family name

No, not the ‘shield’ of your name, I’m a serious researcher. I can scientifically follow your paternal line (agnatic lineage) to find the trail of that surname you are so proud of. I will reach your father’s father’s father’s father’s father. Or, pay tribute to the women of your family and discover your maternal line (uterine or matrilineal lineage): your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother.



:: Your family book

A complete book, a fully narrated account of my research. All my writing ability of over 20 years’ experience in journalism, at your service. I’ll be the writer who will tell the story of your family, the true History I will have discovered. An unforgettable gift. An immense sentimental wealth. The family legacy for future generations. A real treasure.



:: Location of documents and certificates

Maybe you just need to find a particular document, an official record that’s too hard to find, an old birth or baptism certificate you need. I can help. And I will only charge you if the document exists and I do find it.



:: Genealogical counseling

Genealogical research begins at home. Are you already in a search for your ancestors and want a little help? Are you stuck while building your family tree? I’ll give you an expert hand. A chat, a coffee, and your queries… all the help you need to find your family origins.




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